About Me & This Blog of Mine

To New Beginnings – Again.

Me on green cutout at the Gonq.
Photo by @threeinthehand

I wish I could tell you I’ve experienced a textbook post-secondary experience. Sadly, I can’t. Truthfully – I don’t even really think that exists anymore.

Since high school, I’ve travelled across Canada seven times. I’ve earned a journalism diploma and I’ve been everything from a whisk(e)y specialist to music editor and everything in between – driven by the hope of finding something that fits my varied skillset.

Good news. I think I’ve finally got it now.

I was introduced to online marketing and advertising through a start-up project I helped to build called CityInTune – a gig I picked up while the journalism world as I knew it categorically faded away in my rear-view.

The goal was providing Vancouver musicians to digital career-boosting services. I felt their frustrations as they competed to be heard online, and I tried my best to provide online tools that worked to help them stand out in the industry.

Image courtesy of pexels.com

This is where the digital communication bug bit me. I wanted and needed the skills to cut through the clutter of online communication.


This led me to take a social media and online marketing course that left me feeling like I knew less coming out that than I did going in, signalling to me that I needed an extensive hands-on experience.  I booked it back home to Ottawa with my young family to attend Algonquin College’s Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program.

This blog proves I’ve survived year one and I’ve dropped my shoulder charging into year two.   Either way, feel free to cheer me on in the comments if you’re into underdogs and all that – and don’t be shy to reach out to the corresponding @SocialRando Twitter account. 

Well, back to it.


** Oh yeah, just to add a disclaimer:  It should be noted that I’m creating this blog as part of a school program. As students, we’re often put to such tasks. This means this site might not exist in permanence in this space. But don’t let that stop you from joining in on the ride while it lasts.

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