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A Checklist for Content Work – 10/10

10 May

A Checklist for Content Work – 10//10

Extremely useful and comprehensive checklist piece on how to create great useful modern content. Highlighted themes I’ve taken away from this include how content should be appropriate for your business, your users and for its contextHow it should be ‘appropriate in its delivery, style and structure and its substance.’ And how content is ‘appropriate when it helps users accomplish their goals.’ Great stuff to remember – and thanks to the examples provided – I will. And for me, this article has really gone a long way to helping me understand at the very fundamental level – what good content really is.

“Define a clear, specific purpose for each piece of content; evaluate content against this purpose.”

Content Strategy – The Philosophy of Data 9/10

10 May

Content Strategy – The Philosophy of Data 9/10

Rachel Lovinger delves into seemingly simple topics like – what is content  and even a two word example of Hello World!  for Boxes and Arrows and brings it into the world of the content strategist.

It stresses the importance of asking the question how to take simple content and “go about  infusing it with meaning”.  And possibly more importantly – stresses the importance of asking the question – what makes for meaningful content?

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy 9/10

10 May

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy 9/10

Part of our required reading – but it absolutely had to be in my toolkit – as  this article from UX Booth simply lays out the basic stages of content strategy – but more importantly the page lists a vasts array of specialists in content, as well as a list of tools that help get the content to their audience.

I also found the discussion regarding the differences between Information Architecture and Content Strategy really interesting – and because of this article my perception of Content Strategy changed, from seeing it as a process – to more of an actual strategy one can be a very skilled professional in, of course, when in tandem with a good strong marketing plan.

The Big Fat Roll Up Your Sleeves Guide for B2B Marketers – The Content Marketing Strategy Checklist 9/10

10 May

The Big Fat Roll Up Your Sleeves Guide for B2B Marketers – The Content Marketing Strategy Checklist 9/10

Although it focuses predominantly on B2B, the details within this checklist from Velocity Partners can be applied universally in my view. There’s no shortage of great reminders and an appealing visual element that makes wading through thick and heavy material very enjoyable. Also, the language used in it is very engaging – and there’s links to further information as well if you want to look deeper into topic areas.  And it’s followed up with a section that helps you put it into action.

Content Strategy Infographics – 8/10

10 May

Content Strategy Infographics – 8/10

This article on a wordpress site titled Social Media in PR takes a look at the anatomy of infographics as a method of getting information across – while ironically looking at a collection of infographics about content strategy from various sites including,, and iministries .

All three of these infographics about creating good content are great on their own (and yes it does feature the burger from class) – but the information about how to use infographics as a communication method is just the icing on the cake…or the sauce on the burger?


The Content Strategy “Mind Map” – 7/10

10 May

The Content Strategy “Mind Map” – 7/10

A very cool and very useful visual aid from Web Content Strategy for almost everything you need as part of a comprehensive content strategy. It would be extremely useful if all of the text in the image was clickable and went straight to an explanation or walkthrough regarding the topics. But that’s just a personal opinion on that. Otherwise the colour coding of the different factor groups really helps keep your thinking within that group and  the Technical, Process, Creative, Business, Structure and Process “Highways” help put action between the groups.


A Beginners Guide to Content Strategy for the Web 8/10

10 May

A Beginners Guide to Content Strategy for the Web 8/10

“Fulfilling user’s expectations and meeting business objectives.”

This article at Wordstream acts as a general walkthrough for those about to start on their own content strategy and outlines how a content strategy it part of a bigger operation – and needs several working parts to be taken into consideration in order for them to operate in unison. But what I found most useful was it’s stressing the importance of balance between creating content for users while working efficiently from a business perspective.


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