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2012 Email Design Look Book – Responsys 10/10

18 Jun


2012 Email Design Look Book – Responsys 10/10

An amazing collection of Responsys’ 20 favourite emails from 2012. Totally inspiring from both the strategic and visual angle. From responsive designs, to extremely personalized content, powerful messages. Hours of studying email marketing visually can fly by effortlessly with this one.

An Introduction to Email Marketing: How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Marketing 10/10

17 Jun

HubSpot Email Marketing

An Introduction to Email Marketing: How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Marketing 10/10

A free to download Ebook from HubSpot that was part of our required class reading for good reason – it’s incredibly comprehensive in terms of going through some of the challenges and solutions of email marketing campaigns – and thankfully – it includes how to measure success with your campaign.

It also details the different types of emails, what their advantages are – and best practices in each.

The Email Marketing Manifesto 9/10

17 Jun

Brightwave's Email Marketing Manifesto

The Email Marketing Manifesto 9/10

Making the case – and quite strongly, why Email marketing is more than just relevant – and should be part of the new digital marketing model. It asks the question – why should only a small sliver of your digital advertising budget be dedicated to this ROI workhorse? And offers a little strategy on creating a strong email campaign.

Email Marketing Manifesto

17 Jun

Email Marketing Manifesto

From Jack McDaniel of Cleverlike, again making the case for Email marketing back up by stats like $43 was returned for every dollar spent on commercial Email marketing in 2009 (impressive numbers).

The ‘Mainifesto’ goes from point like ‘why does it work?’ – Straight through to four basic steps of strategy, timing, content and implementation –  and follows it all up with a case study. Though info regarding the need to measure would have made it a 10.

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics 9/10

17 Jun

measurement and calculations!

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics 9/10

One thing I’d love to have under my belt is a clear understanding how to measure marketing success – so I’m always searching for must have metric tips. And this breaks down every Email metric I  know of into simple terms – and even warns of imperfections in some of the measurements.

I can’t pretend I know these calculations off by heart yet – not do I remember yet what to even calculate – but I’ll keep coming back to figure it all out.

Six Key Marketing Strategies That Will Maximize ROI 8/10

17 Jun

Six Key Marketing Strategies That Will Maximize ROI 8/10

Some interesting tips – including using SMS to complement email communication, and making sure your emails are accessible to mobile and desktop users by ensuring its 300-400 px wide, min 12pt Arial text, and includes smaller images.

HubSpot – 6 Smart & Effective Email Marketing Tactics 8/10

17 Jun

HubSpot's 6 Smart and Effective Email Marketing Tactics

HubSpot – 6 Smart & Effective Email Marketing Tactics 8/10

Talking about how Email actually drives social media (via alerts and permissions) and how it should be used to accent and compliment social media efforts – how one can “cross-pollenate between email and social media platforms. Nice to read that this is the rebirth of email – certainly not the death of it.

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