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Decoding Google Analytics 7/10

18 Jun

Google Analytics

Decoding Google Analytics 7/10

TJ McCue’s breakdown of a sample Google Analytics page – highlighting key elements like Widgets, Visit Duration, Conversion, Traffic Types and Mobile – and simply pointing out their uses and how to use them to improve your website.

Introduction to Web Analytics For Journalists – 7/10

18 Jun

Analytics for Journalists


Introduction to Web Analytics For Journalists – 7/10

Coming from a journalism background – I sometimes long for a little familiarity in this digital world – and this SlideShare by Patrick Glinski and Mike Sukmanowsky did just that, by providing a little insight to journalists into what publishers are looking for from their online content and how they measure it.

5 Steps to Effective Email Calls to Action 7/10

17 Jun

5 Steps to Effective Email Calls to Action 7/10

Shutterfly Email Campaign example

A good piece outlining some common problems with email marketing – including jumping the gun, being too confusing, and failing to be ‘bullet proof’ by not optimizing for those who’s emails are set not to open images.

How To Create An Email Marketing Plan – 7/10

17 Jun

How To Create An Email Marketing Plan – 7/10

A good overall guide to getting yourself strategically set up for an Email Marketing Campaign. Good reminders on defining your readers, determining your content and setting schedules – however it’s not that rich in information and lacks metrics discussion.

Email Isn’t Dead (Yet) – 7/10

17 Jun

Email Isn’t Dead (Yet) – 7/10

77.5% of people prefer to be contacted for business via email over any other channel.

That’s a pretty telling statistic -and for all those that left email for dead, that there should be enough to make you want to revitalize the email chops. This article has a few great tidbits on how to update email marketing techniques. Such as using QR code scans to getting people to subscribe, getting away from email blasts and getting more personal.

The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile Infographic 7/10

17 Jun

The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile Infographic 7/10

Google+ Inforgraphic

Before this class, Google+ was totally unfamiliar territory but as I heard more and more about it – I absolutely craved more information about its usefulness – and this was a great place to start. Great info on not only why you should use Google+ but how to integrate it as well.

Find your search ad sweet spot – 7/10

18 May

Find your search ad sweet spot – 7/10

Uses the example of Re:Word – a company of three young partners who set up a proofreading/editing venture – and focused on Search engine advertising. Offers advice on setting a budget and calculating your bid – and finding the sweet spot: ie: a keyword that gets the results you’re looking for at the best price. So it’s all about choosing the right keywords, sending the right message – and tweaking as needed.


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