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How to Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing with Analytics 9/10

18 Jun


HubSpot Analytics

How to Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing with Analytics 9/10

A thorough resource by HubSpot dedicated to learning how to improve certain areas of Online Marketing such as SEO, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Blogging by understanding how to use the metrics to see what people when they come across your material – and what it means.

The Definitive Guide: Marketing Metrics and Analytics 9/10 – ciowhitepapers.com

18 Jun

The Definitive Guide: Marketing Metrics & Analytics 9/10 – ciowhitepapers.com

Again, a lengthy and through report on Analytics – this one makes the case that the funnel has changed, where users are 70% through the buying process by the time they’re engaging with the sales process – and because now – marketing is responsible for such a large percentage of the sales process – they need to measure their effectiveness to prove their part in achieving revenue.

It explains also how to set up for analysis as well as right and wrong way of measuring, and with 8 parts of theory, I’ll be digesting this one for a while to come.

The Email Marketing Manifesto 9/10

17 Jun

Brightwave's Email Marketing Manifesto

The Email Marketing Manifesto 9/10

Making the case – and quite strongly, why Email marketing is more than just relevant – and should be part of the new digital marketing model. It asks the question – why should only a small sliver of your digital advertising budget be dedicated to this ROI workhorse? And offers a little strategy on creating a strong email campaign.

Email Marketing Manifesto

17 Jun

Email Marketing Manifesto

From Jack McDaniel of Cleverlike, again making the case for Email marketing back up by stats like $43 was returned for every dollar spent on commercial Email marketing in 2009 (impressive numbers).

The ‘Mainifesto’ goes from point like ‘why does it work?’ – Straight through to four basic steps of strategy, timing, content and implementation –  and follows it all up with a case study. Though info regarding the need to measure would have made it a 10.

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics 9/10

17 Jun

measurement and calculations!

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics 9/10

One thing I’d love to have under my belt is a clear understanding how to measure marketing success – so I’m always searching for must have metric tips. And this breaks down every Email metric I  know of into simple terms – and even warns of imperfections in some of the measurements.

I can’t pretend I know these calculations off by heart yet – not do I remember yet what to even calculate – but I’ll keep coming back to figure it all out.

Are Businesses Invading Consumer Privacy By Listening to Social Media Conversations? 9/10

17 Jun

Are Businesses Invading Consumer Privacy By Listening to Social Media Conversations? 9/10

An interesting look at the dilemma that arises from the ever growing need of businesses to “listen” to what people are saying on social media vs. the rising desires of the users to not be listened to. And the paradoxical question – “how are companies supposed to help customers if they’re not supposed to listen?”

Great info for companies trying to understand how to listen.

15 Social Media Strategy Blogs You Should Be Reading 9/10

17 Jun

15 Social Media Strategy Blogs You Should Be Reading 9/10

25 social media blogs

Even if this is a more of a resource than an article, this list will become extremely valuable for me as I grow into a social media strategist.  I can’t wait to dig into this list deeper and gain insight from these great minds in the field.

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