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The Evolution of Online Display Advertising – 10/10

18 May

A 2012 Guide to the Digital Display Market – A fantastic video that explains the evolution of ads, from the simple direct delivering an ad to website owners / publisher to the advent of Ad Networks using inventory to fill spaces. Then applying technology to automate the delivery from the inventory. And the new business model of Ad Exchange – trading audiences rather than ads – and picking and bidding on audiences – and eventually the use of data to make it instantaneous – and a glimpse into the data of the future.

Find your search ad sweet spot – 7/10

18 May

Find your search ad sweet spot – 7/10

Uses the example of Re:Word – a company of three young partners who set up a proofreading/editing venture – and focused on Search engine advertising. Offers advice on setting a budget and calculating your bid – and finding the sweet spot: ie: a keyword that gets the results you’re looking for at the best price. So it’s all about choosing the right keywords, sending the right message – and tweaking as needed.


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