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Facebook Ads: Do they even work? 8/10

18 May

Facebook Ads: Do they even work? 8/10

A good resource that gets the inside info on Google and Facebook advertising and weighs them in a ‘report card’ with grades in Reach, Growth, Performance, Targeting Options and Formats – so you can see where the benefits are with each. However, ┬áit’s affiliated with AdWords. So the infographic is very, very Google-centric.

Still some very interesting info on here even if it’s from Google’s view.

Google AdWords – The Small Business Guide – 10/10

16 May

Google AdWords – The Small Business Guide – 10/10

An amazing interactive infographic that’s a comprehensive checklist, with clickable links to the best resources from around the web for each step from ‘First Steps, and Key Concepts to remember, to keyword considerations and how to optimize your AdWords account including your Quality Score, improving CTR and how to maintain your AdWords account.


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