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Toward a Content-Driven Design Process – 7/10

10 May

Toward a Content-Driven Design Process – 7/10

The author of this article at the Brown Blog has chosen to attempt to cut through the chatter – by providing her interpretation of what’s truly important to absorb in the “new” content strategy trend. Namely – Letting content lead over design and having lean content –  and describes how the evolution of content will bring people from different disciplines into the field. She also offers several links back to the basics of content strategy, which is always helpful.

Why We Can’t Just Be SEO’s Anymore – 7/10

10 May

Why We Can’t Just Be SEO’s Anymore – 7/10

As new data comes in relating to the SEO world – the job title of SEO Specialist is ever shifting, as the lines between SEO and marketing continue to blur.

Rand Fishkin of Seomoz.org talks in this video about the challenges of taking old school techniques like making content relevant, links, snippets, keywords – and applying what’s arrived in terms of ‘ranking data’ and rolling it all together to be a modern SEO specialist. However, it’s also an interesting discussion about how the field of SEO is maturing from it’s ‘spammy, immature’ ways, into more of a matured marketing category.

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