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Kissmetrics: Bounce Rate Demystified – Infographic – 8/10

18 Jun


Kissmetrics: Bounce Rate Demystified – Infographic – 8/10

Very simple infographic from Kissmetrics breaking down average bounce rates for different types of websites, and offers up advice on what affects bounce rate and tips on how to improve it.

Decoding Google Analytics 7/10

18 Jun

Google Analytics

Decoding Google Analytics 7/10

TJ McCue’s breakdown of a sample Google Analytics page – highlighting key elements like Widgets, Visit Duration, Conversion, Traffic Types and Mobile – and simply pointing out their uses and how to use them to improve your website.

Facebook Ads: Do they even work? 8/10

18 May

Facebook Ads: Do they even work? 8/10

A good resource that gets the inside info on Google and Facebook advertising and weighs them in a ‘report card’ with grades in Reach, Growth, Performance, Targeting Options and Formats – so you can see where the benefits are with each. However,  it’s affiliated with AdWords. So the infographic is very, very Google-centric.

Still some very interesting info on here even if it’s from Google’s view.

Content Strategy Infographics – 8/10

10 May

Content Strategy Infographics – 8/10

This article on a wordpress site titled Social Media in PR takes a look at the anatomy of infographics as a method of getting information across – while ironically looking at a collection of infographics about content strategy from various sites including ljinteractive.com, IntersectionConsulting.com, and iministries .

All three of these infographics about creating good content are great on their own (and yes it does feature the burger from class) – but the information about how to use infographics as a communication method is just the icing on the cake…or the sauce on the burger?


The Content Strategy “Mind Map” – 7/10

10 May

The Content Strategy “Mind Map” – 7/10

A very cool and very useful visual aid from Web Content Strategy for almost everything you need as part of a comprehensive content strategy. It would be extremely useful if all of the text in the image was clickable and went straight to an explanation or walkthrough regarding the topics. But that’s just a personal opinion on that. Otherwise the colour coding of the different factor groups really helps keep your thinking within that group and  the Technical, Process, Creative, Business, Structure and Process “Highways” help put action between the groups.


SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

10 May

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

A good infographic reminder by Matt McGee at Small Business SEM that covers the many different factors involved at being successful in SEO – from the early stages of planning and researching, to technical points such as understanding the crawlability and the need for analytics – all leading to Trust at the top of the pyramid.


Infographic – SEO Tune-Up 8/10

10 May

Infographic – SEO Tune-Up 8/10

A neat new take on the SEO checklist by Seattle’s Sparkplug Digital – which likens regular SEO maintenance on your website – to regular maintenance on your car.

Each category such as “Replace Air Filter” or “Check Headlights” has three great and simple maintenance tips.


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