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Google: Insiders Guide to AdWords

18 May

Google: Insiders Guide to AdWords

Very well laid out, step by step instructions and tips on setting up your AdWords account straight from Google itself, and how to ensure that you’re getting the performance you’re looking for from your account.

This document walks one through the process of setting up an account and managing it – right from how to initially set up the account and picking the right keywords, reviewing, testing and refining your advertising campaign based on Google’s own variables. Pretty much a very clear, straight forward all-in-one guide to SEO, SEM and Online Advertising.

Display ads rarely get clicked. So why bother? 8/10

18 May

Display ads rarely get clicked. So why bother? 8/10

Again, part of the series by the Globe and Mail – this time on Display ads – explaining what they’re all about – and advising on ways to make them effective like staying local, use self serve tools, going DIY for control and customization, tips for Facebook’s display ad network.


Google AdWords – The Small Business Guide – 10/10

16 May

Google AdWords – The Small Business Guide – 10/10

An amazing interactive infographic that’s a comprehensive checklist, with clickable links to the best resources from around the web for each step from ‘First Steps, and Key Concepts to remember, to keyword considerations and how to optimize your AdWords account including your Quality Score, improving CTR and how to maintain your AdWords account.


Google: Insider’s Guide to Adwords – 10/10

16 May

Google: Insider’s Guide to Adwords – 10/10

I saw mention of this article, but I couldn’t find it thoough Google’s own resources – but I did find it from the University of Louisville – and I’m glad I did!

Straight from the horse’s mouth – this insiders guide is pretty much everything Google ever wanted you to know about AdWords. because of it – I”ll always come back and refer to this. I found the keywords section to be particularly useful – as a comprehensive resource, as well as their advice on how to track and measure your results.


How Search Engine Marketing Works – 7/10

16 May

How Search Engine Marketing Works – 7/10

Optimum7 takes the rounded approach to Search Engine Marketing by not just focusing  on pay-per-click advertising. Whether or not I agree with that, they offer a comprehensive overview of online marketing strategies including SEO, Reputation Management and PPC advertising.  I found it interesting to consider owning the negative results to preserve reputation particularly interesting, as well as the negative keyword addition, balancing CTR with conversions to earn quality and the importance of landing pages for your PPC ad.


The Beginners Guide to SEO – 10/10

10 May

The Beginners Guide to SEO – 10/10

Whether you’re new to SEO or looking to brush up – this resource from SEOmoz is the most comprehensive guide I’ve found to understanding how SEO works (thanks to our required reading) and thus it had to be included in my virtual textbook.

It’s actually more like 10 different articles as it’s broken down into chapters covering all the stages from understanding how search engines work, to how to effectively track and measure your success. Generally, a compressed complete education in SEO.

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

10 May

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

A good infographic reminder by Matt McGee at Small Business SEM that covers the many different factors involved at being successful in SEO – from the early stages of planning and researching, to technical points such as understanding the crawlability and the need for analytics – all leading to Trust at the top of the pyramid.


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