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The Beginners Guide to SEO – 10/10

10 May

The Beginners Guide to SEO – 10/10

Whether you’re new to SEO or looking to brush up – this resource from SEOmoz is the most comprehensive guide I’ve found to understanding how SEO works (thanks to our required reading) and thus it had to be included in my virtual textbook.

It’s actually more like 10 different articles as it’s broken down into chapters covering all the stages from understanding how search engines work, to how to effectively track and measure your success. Generally, a compressed complete education in SEO.

Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO – 9/10

10 May

Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO – 9/10

Another 10 chapter SEO tutorial  – this time from Search Engine Land discussing mainly what the factors of SEO are, how trust and authority as well as personalization plays a role, and violations to avoid as well.

This resource is actually accompanied by a ‘Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors.’ Very in-depth and slightly on the technical side – But as it shows how the different ‘elements’ affect each other in tandem, I’m sure I’ll be using this for a while to come.

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

10 May

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

A good infographic reminder by Matt McGee at Small Business SEM that covers the many different factors involved at being successful in SEO – from the early stages of planning and researching, to technical points such as understanding the crawlability and the need for analytics – all leading to Trust at the top of the pyramid.


List of Best and Worst Practices for Designing a High Traffic Website – 7/10

10 May

List of Best and Worst practices for designing a high traffic website – 7/10

There’s nothing too glossy about this resource but it’s a robust list of about 77 different factors that affect your ranking with the major search engines, and it includes a plus or minus rating that shows whether your site it positively or negatively affected.

Though I’d take this info with a grain of salt in terms of solid accuracy – it’s a useful reminder of the many different search engine ranking factors.

Why We Can’t Just Be SEO’s Anymore – 7/10

10 May

Why We Can’t Just Be SEO’s Anymore – 7/10

As new data comes in relating to the SEO world – the job title of SEO Specialist is ever shifting, as the lines between SEO and marketing continue to blur.

Rand Fishkin of Seomoz.org talks in this video about the challenges of taking old school techniques like making content relevant, links, snippets, keywords – and applying what’s arrived in terms of ‘ranking data’ and rolling it all together to be a modern SEO specialist. However, it’s also an interesting discussion about how the field of SEO is maturing from it’s ‘spammy, immature’ ways, into more of a matured marketing category.

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