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The Email Marketing Manifesto 9/10

17 Jun

Brightwave's Email Marketing Manifesto

The Email Marketing Manifesto 9/10

Making the case – and quite strongly, why Email marketing is more than just relevant – and should be part of the new digital marketing model. It asks the question – why should only a small sliver of your digital advertising budget be dedicated to this ROI workhorse? And offers a little strategy on creating a strong email campaign.

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics 9/10

17 Jun

measurement and calculations!

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics 9/10

One thing I’d love to have under my belt is a clear understanding how to measure marketing success – so I’m always searching for must have metric tips. And this breaks down every Email metric I  know of into simple terms – and even warns of imperfections in some of the measurements.

I can’t pretend I know these calculations off by heart yet – not do I remember yet what to even calculate – but I’ll keep coming back to figure it all out.

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