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A Beginners Guide to Content Strategy for the Web 8/10

10 May

A Beginners Guide to Content Strategy for the Web 8/10

“Fulfilling user’s expectations and meeting business objectives.”

This article at Wordstream acts as a general walkthrough for those about to start on their own content strategy and outlines how a content strategy it part of a bigger operation – and needs several working parts to be taken into consideration in order for them to operate in unison. But what I found most useful was it’s stressing the importance of balance between creating content for users while working efficiently from a business perspective.


5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Stories – 7/10

10 May

5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Stories – 7/10

Great article at Marketing Daily about really adding value to your content by adding the element of storytelling. Jim Signorelli  take readers through his 5 lessons worth noting which include stories clothe meaning,  we are drawn more to stories that leave the meaning to us, Audiences are drawn to meaning that arouses identification, story tellers don’t use focus groups to decide what their Meaning should be and Great storytellers always give us something to look forward to.

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