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Google: Insiders Guide to AdWords

18 May

Google: Insiders Guide to AdWords

Very well laid out, step by step instructions and tips on setting up your AdWords account straight from Google itself, and how to ensure that you’re getting the performance you’re looking for from your account.

This document walks one through the process of setting up an account and managing it – right from how to initially set up the account and picking the right keywords, reviewing, testing and refining your advertising campaign based on Google’s own variables. Pretty much a very clear, straight forward all-in-one guide to SEO, SEM and Online Advertising.

Facebook Ads: Do they even work? 8/10

18 May

Facebook Ads: Do they even work? 8/10

A good resource that gets the inside info on Google and Facebook advertising and weighs them in a ‘report card’ with grades in Reach, Growth, Performance, Targeting Options and Formats – so you can see where the benefits are with each. However, ┬áit’s affiliated with AdWords. So the infographic is very, very Google-centric.

Still some very interesting info on here even if it’s from Google’s view.

The Top Six Online Advertising Trends for 2013 6/10

18 May

The Top Six Online Advertising Trends for 2013 6/10

A good piece that makes sure to include the core ‘must do’s’ in online advertising, while it examines what’s to come. It highlights the advantages of mobile ads as a cost effective yet growing market, Facebook re-marketing and more accurate targeting and new targeting trends in general as a hot topic.

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