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Content Isn’t King – Trust is King – 7/10

10 May

Content Isn’t King – Trust is King – 7/10

An opinionated piece at SEOmoz that focuses on the trust elements of your page. In a time where people are more likely to start off by not trusting your site, you have to know how to make people feel comfortable and this article is a guide on how to do so. Something that stuck to me like glue – was “Write what people want to read, not what you want to write” and that’s something I need to put into practice more often.

“It’s ALWAYS about them, never about you. This is content marketing. It’s not sales, and it’s not advertising. If you want to do sales and advertising, that’s perfectly fine, but just don’t do it in your content marketing. Write for the reader, always”

5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Stories – 7/10

10 May

5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Stories – 7/10

Great article at Marketing Daily about really adding value to your content by adding the element of storytelling. Jim Signorelli  take readers through his 5 lessons worth noting which include stories clothe meaning,  we are drawn more to stories that leave the meaning to us, Audiences are drawn to meaning that arouses identification, story tellers don’t use focus groups to decide what their Meaning should be and Great storytellers always give us something to look forward to.

SEO Checkist for 2013 – 9/10

10 May

SEO Checkist for 2013 – 9/10

Again, a checklist – but straight from the beginning from Getting the Right Domain and How SEO Works  to Geo Targeting and SEO Faq’s. But what I find really useful are the step by step directions in regards to embedding data in images, and naming files properly as well as ALT attributes. It also outlines the on-site SEO components and how to optimize them and of course – makes emphasis on usability and trust and credibility, so it doesn’t skip on the human aspects of having a great site.

A true, up-to-date checklist.

Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO – 9/10

10 May

Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO – 9/10

Another 10 chapter SEO tutorial  – this time from Search Engine Land discussing mainly what the factors of SEO are, how trust and authority as well as personalization plays a role, and violations to avoid as well.

This resource is actually accompanied by a ‘Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors.’ Very in-depth and slightly on the technical side – But as it shows how the different ‘elements’ affect each other in tandem, I’m sure I’ll be using this for a while to come.

3 Things SEO Specialists Should Be Good At – 8/10

10 May

3 Things SEO Specialists Should Be Good At 8/10

A great article by Margo Scott for SEO.com that really outlines the major skills you need to have under your belt if you’re interested in becoming an SEO specialist – and digs deep into them.

Specifically, it highlights the importance of strong writing skills for good quality content, the need for a broad range of knowledge in social media tools and platforms – and stresses the importance and advantages of a strong understanding of analytics.

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

10 May

SEO Success Pyramind – 8/10

A good infographic reminder by Matt McGee at Small Business SEM that covers the many different factors involved at being successful in SEO – from the early stages of planning and researching, to technical points such as understanding the crawlability and the need for analytics – all leading to Trust at the top of the pyramid.


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