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The Evolution of Online Display Advertising – 10/10

18 May

A 2012 Guide to the Digital Display Market – A fantastic video that explains the evolution of ads, from the simple direct delivering an ad to website owners / publisher to the advent of Ad Networks using inventory to fill spaces. Then applying technology to automate the delivery from the inventory. And the new business model of Ad Exchange – trading audiences rather than ads – and picking and bidding on audiences – and eventually the use of data to make it instantaneous – and a glimpse into the data of the future.

Search Engine Marketing For Restaurants – 7/10

16 May

Search Engine Marketing For Restaurants – 7/10

Since I’ve got a keen interest in specializing in online marketing within the food and beverage industry I found this one interesting. The videos at this resource advise restaurants on how search engine marketing, keywords and AdWords can really help boost their business, and includes an article with some quick tips on setting up Adwords and the importance of maintaining a local focus.

Why We Can’t Just Be SEO’s Anymore – 7/10

10 May

Why We Can’t Just Be SEO’s Anymore – 7/10

As new data comes in relating to the SEO world – the job title of SEO Specialist is ever shifting, as the lines between SEO and marketing continue to blur.

Rand Fishkin of Seomoz.org talks in this video about the challenges of taking old school techniques like making content relevant, links, snippets, keywords – and applying what’s arrived in terms of ‘ranking data’ and rolling it all together to be a modern SEO specialist. However, it’s also an interesting discussion about how the field of SEO is maturing from it’s ‘spammy, immature’ ways, into more of a matured marketing category.

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